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What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

Secure Socket Layer : It is the standard technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser that makes sure that the data passed between the web server and browser has remained private and protected. It was developed and released by Netscape in 1996 as a technology for security management. It is commonly used protocol for managing the security of the message transmission on internet. It is transparent protocol which requires little interaction from end user when creating a secure session. It is included as a part of both Microsoft and Netscape browsers as well as in most of the browsers. The “Sockets” part of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) refers to sockets method of passing data between server and the browser or between the program layers in a same computer. In order to create a SSL connection a web server needs a SSL certification.

Secure Passwords by host department

What is SSL Certificate?

A SSL Certificate is a way by which the web servers prove their identity to the web browsers, allowing a secure site to communicate privately with the browsers through http protocol. It is digitally signed by a certificate authority that most of the web browsers trust, there are many certification authorities including government agencies . A company can purchase a SSL certificate for its web server from certificate authorities which verify the company’s identity. It inspires trust as each certificate contains identification details and the browser can share the details and it would be private and secure. It is also a bit of coding on web server to provide security for online communication.

Why is it essential and important?

Most of the people wonder as what is the need to use SSL. For people who own sites or customer who wants to make banking or any private transaction it is very important. If you are not using SSL the data transmitted or submitted is not encrypted and if the data reaches the wrong hands it will create a problem. In order to be on safe side by using SSL data is encrypted and the information is safe.

How can you get a SSL Certificate?

For a SSL certificate first you need to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your server which creates a private key. Then the CSR should be sent to SSL certificate issuer also called as Certificate Authority or CA. CA will use CSR data files to create a public key that pairs with your private key, the CA will never see private key. After receiving the certificate, install it in your server. Also install intermediate certificates that create credibility for your SSL certificate by tying it with CA’s root certificate. Instructions for installing and testing your certificate will be different based on your server. The certificate contains organization’s identity details, time of validation of the certificate and the name of the CA that issued the certificate.

A browser trusts the certificates and comes out with a list of reputed CAs. The certificate issued by CA verifies that the organization’s identity is genuine. As the browser trusts the CA and the CA certifies your organization, automatically the browser will trust the organization. Then the browser lets know he user that the website is secure and the user will be safe and can share the personal details.

How does it work?

When a user requests for a website through a browser, the browser and the server create a connection through a process called “SSL Handshake”. This is not visible to the user and happens instantly. Mainly three keys are involved in setting up a SSL connection. They are a private key, a public key and a session key. The data encrypted by public key is decrypted by private key and vice-versa.

As the process of encrypting and decrypting the data using public and private keys takes a lot of processing power and time, these are only used at the time of SSL Handshaking to make an SSL connection and create a session key. Once the session key is created all the transmitting data is encrypted using this session key.

The process goes in five simple steps:

A Browser connects to a web server and requests the web server to identify itself.

SSL sends a soft copy of its SSL certificate to the browser.

Browser checks the certificate and looks if the certificate issued by a CA is in the list of its trusted CAs which it already has and also checks if the certificate unexpired, unrevoked and has a common name that is asked for. If all the details are valid then it creates, encrypts a session key and sends it back to the server through server’s public key.

Server decrypts the session key using its private key and sends back an acknowledgment encrypted using a session key to start the encrypted session.

Now both the server and the browser transmit the encrypted data through symmetric session key.

Types of SSL Certificates

There are many types of SSL certificates. You need to know about the features of all the certificates before purchasing it. Different types of certificates are:

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate: This type of certificate is designed to prevent phishing attacks. It takes few days to few weeks of time to receive this certificate but provides very high assurance. Before issuing this certificate the CA checks applicant’s right to use of the domain and also conducts thorough vetting of the organization. It verifies legal, physical and operational existence of the organization or the domain. Also it checks the identity matches with the organizations official records. If all these are satisfied then the EV Certificate is issued.

EV SSL Certificates are available for all kinds of businesses, may be a government or non-government organizations. A set of guidelines called EV Audit Guidelines must be followed before issuing EV SSL Certificates. The audits are repeated for yearly.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate: Before issuing this kind of certificate the CA checks applicant’s right to use of the domain and also conducts vetting for the organization. This certificate displays the owner of the domain, its validation and the name of the CA that issued this certificate. This is provides a good assurance to the browsers.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates: This is a low assurance SSL Certificate. It only displays the domain name but not the owner or the organization details. But authorities can easily know to whom the domain belongs to using “WHOIS”. These certificates are issued instantly and cheaper than others but provide low assurance to the customers.

Wildcard Certificate: This certificate can secure all the sub-domains under a domain name. For example if you have a wildcard certificate for * then it secures, etc. It will secure all the sub-domains with wildcard symbol (*).

SGC SSL Certificate: These certificates enable old browsers to connect to site using 128 bit encryption even the normal browsers have 40 bit. These cost significantly and are issued by only few vendors as there are strong arguments against SGC SSL Certificates.

Root Certificate and Chain or Intermediate Certificate: CA issues certificates in the form of tree structure. The highest is the root certificate that is, it is most trusted certificate. Certificate which is signed by the trusted root certificate is trusted. All the certificates below the root certificate inherit trustworthiness from the root.

The certificate that links your organization’s certificate with the root certificate is called Chain certificate or Intermediate Certificate. These certificates must be installed in your server so that the browsers can link your certificate to a trusted authority.

Scalable SSL Certificate: Most of the certificate authorities now are issuing this certificate. Here the encryptions can be varied from lowest 40 bit to higher rate depending upon what the browsers and servers support.


There are many advantages of using SSL Certificate:

Server Authentication: The certificates protect your website. All the information of your site is stored in a server, using SSL digital certificates all your and customers information is protected.

Private Communication: Your transaction conversations will be private and the SSL certificates encrypt any data that is transmitted, hence the customers feel safer and secure about their data.

Customer Confidence: The main reason for which you would opt a SSL certificate is customer’s confidence. As the data will be encrypted the customers will feel that their information is safe and have confidence and faith in your site and feel free to share information.


Over so many advantages SSL also has disadvantages. They are

Cost: This is the main disadvantage as cost for a certificate is really high.

Performance: As the transmitting data is encrypted, more time is consumed and hjence it decreases the performance of the site.

With so many benefits the disadvantages can be overlooked. It is very much needed to use SSL Certificates especially if you are sharing personal information on sites. If your site is with SSL certificates, customers will trust your site and can share personal information.

I am a Senior SEO Analyst and Blogger since 2007. I wrote 700 and above articles for

I am a Senior SEO Analyst and Blogger since 2007. I wrote 700 and above articles for


Vicla Hydraulic Guigliottine Shear

What hydraulic guillotine shears are and how they work.

Hydraulic guillotine shears are simple machines, but very useful. A human being alone cannot manipulate hard materials barehanded: for this reason, companies use this kind of machines to speed up and automate the cutting process in an easy and efficient way.

They are used for metal, cardboard, plastic and rubber materials cold cutting. They are composed of a working table, where the pieces to be cut are placed. This table features spheres to enable an easy and fast movement of the material. The machine is equipped with a hold down, which holds the sheets during the cutting, to obtain a clean result, without imperfections.

The upper blades are assembled on the moving part and the lower blades are assembled on the working table. By hydraulic cylinders, the upper parts moves up and down, cutting the material clean, just like a guillotine: that’s why we call them guillotine shears.

This kind of machines features a wide range of sizes, lengths and thickness of material to be cut. The sizes can be different, according to customer needs.

In both light and heavy metalwork, these shears are the best way to work on hard and complex raw materials, such as iron and stainless steel.

Hydraulic Guillotine shears VICLA are characterized by high accuracy and cut quality in all conditions and on any material.

The solid frame of the machine and the double plate, that supports the table, ensure absolute stability, synonymous with performance and reliability.

Blades quality is fundamental: these must be perfect, in order to guarantee a clean and regular cut, without smudges and problems of any kind. They must be able to cut materials such as aluminum, iron and steel, as already said. There are four cutting edge for the upper and four for the lower blade.

The operators can use Vicla machines through a control panel easy to use. It controls also the upper blade bending angle, the distance between blades – very important to avoid smudges, and the position of the backgauge, which gives the final dimension to the piece.

Equipped with ABB motor, Hoerbiger hydraulic system and Esautomotion CNC, hydraulic guillotine shears are capable to guarantee highly professional performances. They are aimed to companies that need these small or large and extremely precise instruments.

Operators safety is important, fundamental, and hydraulic guillotine shears are equipped with special devices for hands and especially fingers protection. To avoid serious and permanent damage, every structure has an automatic feeder or a protective monitor to avoid contact with blades.

They are equipped with a slide, composed of small rolls, moving the worked material at the end of the structure in a safe way, or a pneumatic slide, moving the piece out of the working zone after cutting. That’s why they are certified to guarantee a safe machine to the customer.

Vicla hydraulic guillotine shears can be customized, they are flexible and offer a captivating design and give our company a modern and efficient look.

For more details please visit Facebook and

For more details please visit Facebook and


Search Online For a Reliable Windows Cloud Server Supplier

More and more companies all over the world, regardless of their dimension, are inclined to use today cloud computing. The main reason behind this orientation is simply practical, as the cloud servers are considered by many specialists a truly trustworthy business tool. A Windows cloud server will most surely facilitate a better run of your website and applications and allow you to enjoy a higher performance level at more than affordable costs for an entirely contenting experience. There are many ways a company can put to use such a server and hence take advantage of its remarkable features which can generate in a short period of time an improved productivity and considerable increase of the scale resources. Businesses can reliably opt for a Linux cloud server and benefit from quality backup and file sharing, documents editing services and also from the use of the CRM software, software which enables companies to store important information regarding their clients and, when the case requires it, easily locate them. When properly analyzing the benefits, it’s quite easy to understand why companies tend to choose cloud servers.

In order to generate a better run and in general an increased efficiency of their IT systems, businesses are more and more interested in investing in dependable cloud computing services. Of course, one of the most important reasons which can determine companies to opt for a cloud server is the security factor. No matter if you’re operating on a Windows 2003, 2008 or perhaps 2012 system, a Windows cloud server provided by a trustworthy supplier will allow you to enjoy not only high security, but also scalable storage ensuring an effective management of your website. In addition to that, this type of servers facilitates a gradual scaling of your service, as you have the opportunity to begin with a basic plan and then extend the size of your resources, in utter compliance with your needs and budget. Not only Windows, but also a Linux cloud server can bring each and every company which resorts to this sort of hosting service a multitude of benefits. Besides a high level of security and an overall increased performance of your system, such servers come with a dedicated IP address and hence facilitate access and management of the server regardless of your current location.

As a conclusion, it is understandable why companies all over the globe are opting for the use of cloud servers. In addition to guaranteeing a safe and secure storage of crucial files and information, a cloud server provided by a reliable supplier will help businesses significantly ameliorate their efficiency and reach the level of performance they aspired after. The purely technical advantages are numerous, while another contributing factor to adopting this type of server is represented by the costs. You get to benefit from quality services and pay more than reasonable amounts of money. And perhaps one of the most important elements to take into account is the fact that you can entrust this matter with professionals and use the time saved and begin focusing on other essential components of your business.

For more information about Linux cloud server please visit this website.

For more information about Linux cloud server please visit this website.


The Benefits of Using Forex VPS Hosting

Many investors these days want to take advantage of everything the online environment has to offer and be as successful as possible. However, online trading can be very dangerous, especially when doing it on a computer that can be affected by power outages. This is why, more and more investors are taking into account the possibility of using Forex VPS hosting services, which enable them to trade from the comfort of their own homes, without worrying about computer crashes or unreliable internet connections. This type of hosting has been specially designed for traders who want to trade heavily on the market and not risk losing an important trade due to something they cannot control.

Forex VPS services are not influenced by the internet connection or any other factor that could affect the functionality of your computer. Traders do not have to keep their computers on 24/7 and can relax, knowing that their trades are safe and will not be endangered by anything. By using this hosting solution, traders are able to take advantage of everything the online environment has to offer and make the most out of everything they undertake. The Forex VPS will always be online, so traders do not have to worry about missing something. Moreover, they will no longer be affected by power outages or anything else that can normally affect a computer. Of course, everything depends on your hosting provider, so make sure you choose someone reliable, with enough experience in this field.

Another benefit of using Forex VPS hosting is that it allows you to access your server from any location. Whether you choose to work from home or from anywhere else, it is up to you. This hosting solution will also allow you to work more efficiently. With its help you can access several different trading platforms at the same time and complete your tasks with higher chances of success. Many traders have realized how much time and money they have saved by choosing this type of hosting service over something else. There are many providers on the market, so finding one that meets your needs should not be very difficult. You should take your time and do a little research to make sure you are choosing the one that offers the best services and the most affordable rates.

All in all, even though at first, the hosting solution used may not seem so important, traders will soon realize the importance of being able to perform their trades without running the risk of being interrupted by an internet problem or a power outage. Forex VPS hosting allows traders to be successful in everything they set for themselves and not have any problems along the way. This hosting solution will help them avoid costly errors by simply choosing a different hosting plan from their provider. For the best results it is advisable to work with an experienced provider, able to handle any problems that might come along the way and allow its clients to trade safely.

For more information about Forex VPS hosting please visit this website.

For more information about Forex VPS hosting please visit this website.


How to Choose the Right Linux VPS Plan

Linux VPS plans are an excellent choice for website owners or administrators who wish to benefit from the flexibility and infrastructure of private servers, but the cost effectiveness of shared hosting. A profitable combination between shared hosting and dedicated servers, Linux VPS hosting allow users to run all popular distributions, from Ubuntu and CentOS to Fedora and Debian. Since virtual private servers have become such a popular choice these days, there are now plenty of providers available and countless possible plans for users to select from, which is why it is important to research your options properly before committing to a plan, as well as to a certain provider. Fortunately, the Internet comes as a great help, as there are numerous resources available on the subject and you can read invaluable information with regard to Linux virtual private servers online. An informed decision is the best decision, but there are also particular factors that need to be taken into account when choosing your hosting plan.

No matter how promising an ad or deal may appear, before choosing or subscribing to a Linux VPS hosting plan from any provider, you need to accurately assess your needs. If you are running a static website, then your memory needs and storage use shouldn’t be as high as if you were running, let’s say, a database driven website, in which case you should also consider a higher value of premium traffic. There are also different packages and plans for WordPress blogs and Magento systems, in accordance to particular necessities of this type of websites, so if you have this kind of site look for providers that offer special packaging for it. As far as RAM memory goes, you will be able to find virtual private servers hosting plans that vary from 256MB to 8192MB, so there is no lack of alternatives. You just need, as mentioned above, to assess your requirements and needs accurately, in order to make the most suitable choice. Traffic amount also varies significantly and you will be able to find plans that offer 250GB of premium traffic and others that give you 4TB of premium traffic.

Apart from the type of website you are running and your traffic needs, another factor that you should take into consideration when choosing the right Linux VPS hosting plan is value for money. Since there now are so many providers that offer this service, the competition between them is fierce and with a thorough research, you will be able to find a reasonable offer for what you need. Truthfully, you might come across attractive packages that provide great storage space, high amounts of premium traffic, proper CPU power and excellent RAM size, but the asking price may be way above the market value or simply above what you can afford. Take your time and compare providers and plans as well and you will certainly find a hosting plan that gives you best value for money.

For more information about Linux VPS please visit this website.

For more information about Linux VPS please visit this website.


How to Set Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player as Default Player?

A new function called Auto Play has just been added to Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, which means when you insert a disc into your Blu-ray drive, the player will automatically start and play. Sure it will save you some time. In order to make this whole process smooth, you better set Mac Blu-ray Player as default player on your Mac. Now I’ll tell you how to do it.

Step 1: Free download Mac Blu-ray Menu Player and install it at once

There will be watermark on your screen if you play Blu-ray with the trial version. Only 39.95 dollars for the full version of Mac Blu-ray Menu Player for now, please buy Mac Blu-ray Player with discount.

Step 2: Click “Check File Associations” under “Tools”

One click and Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player will be your default player. Click “OK” to continue.

Step 3: Insert a BD and enjoy your movie

Right after you’re done with step 2, try auto playing a Blu-ray movie with this Mac Blu-ray Player software. Let the player do the work for you. And don’t forget to experience the uniqueBlu-ray Menu Mode of it, which allows you full access to native menus of many Blu-ray discs.

If you want to cancel Auto Play, it’s also quite easy to do. First, click “Preferences” under “Mac Blu-ray Player”.

And then uncheck “Auto play when you insert disc” and click “OK”, and then Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player won’t auto play when you insert a disc.

That’s everything about setting Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player as default player. Pretty easy, huh? Hope you enjoy your Blu-ray discs with this new Auto Play function.


Macgo INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has over ten years of experience in DVD Blu-ray video and has developed many DVD Blu-ray video tools with advanced technology. In the past ten years, Macgo has established itself as the innovative leader in video DVD Blu-ray technology by pioneering more performance enhancing technology.

Mac Blu-ray Player is the first universal Blu-ray media player software for Apple Mac in the world, which can successfully play Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO files, or Blu-ray folders on Mac and PC, as well as on iOS devices, such as iPhone / iPad / iPad mini / iPod touch (iTouch). Almost all kinds of video, audio, photo formats can be played with it. It is multilanguage supported and easy to be operated with friendly user interface and layout. After adding DTS5.1 into it, Mac Blu-ray Player software can bring you the most popular Blu-ray media enjoyment.

Mac Blu-ray player, the world’s first Blu-ray player software for Apple Mac, is the unique Blu-ray media player that supports both Mac and Windows systems. All Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray files, and Blu-ray folders (BDMV folders) can be perfectly played on MacBook Pro, Air, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro with OS X 10.5 to 10.9 Mavericks, as well as Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista by Mac Blu-ray player software. With this fabulous Mac Blu-ray Player software you can easily have a HD Blu-ray entertainment on your Mac or PC.

Besides, the player is a professional Blu-ray & DVD media player for Mac and PC with advanced media technology. It not only plays Blu-ray or DVD discs but also Blu-ray or DVD ISO files and folders on Mac and PC as a Blu-ray ISO player. If there is a Blu-ray or DVD ISO file in your computer, just open the Mac Blu-ray Player software and click on the “Open file” button. An interface will then pop up, where you can select the Blu-ray or DVD ISO file you want to watch and playback will start immediately. It is easy to understand and use, even a novice can do it!

Macgo INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has over ten years of experience in DVD Blu-ray video and has developed many DVD Blu-ray video tools with advanced technology. In the past ten years, Macgo has established itself as the innovative leader in video DVD Blu-ray technology by pioneering more performance enhancing technology.

Macgo INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has over ten years of experience in DVD Blu-ray video and has developed many DVD Blu-ray video tools with advanced technology. In the past ten years, Macgo has established itself as the innovative leader in video DVD Blu-ray technology by pioneering more performance enhancing technology.


Gaming Changes Everything With Xbox One

By Robert Corter  //  Computers and Technology  //  No Comments

Microsoft has been trying to match the strength of Sony’s offerings for some time, and they have finally outdid themselves. They have come up with one of the best and brightest entries into the video game world, and people are completely in awe over it. If you have gamers in your life, you may already have heard about this machine and definitely will want to get in on the action. It’s an important thing to look into, especially for the times when children are off school on break. This next generation console completely changes everything, and it does so with some very interesting options.

First and foremost, you will see that the graphics are completely updated, and look very real. High definition televisions will envelope the colors and showcase an incredible upgrade to what most people have seen in the past. If you have loved the previous incarnation from Microsoft, you will find that this one tops it in every single way. You will not only see greatness, but you will see that there is a world of entertainment attached as well.

The attached entertainment is not just video games, as you will see you can stream any media service. If you want to watch movies, television programs and music, it will be standard. Not only that, you can use the voice activation to turn things on and get moving forward with relative ease. It’s this simple task that is gaining a lot of success with gamers. You will find that the demand is very high for one of these consoles, and it’s starting to take on a life of its own.

For those that aren’t sure if this is going to trump other options on the market, it’s easy to see why you may want to jump on board. Unlike other times when Xbox has come out, the reports of failures are low and that means that you’ll get to play from step one moving forward. If you are chasing the best gaming experience, you are going to find it with the Xbox One, and it’s about time. Video gaming is starting to evolve into something completely unique and far from where it once was. If you were used to playing the 8-bit era or previously, this will completely change your view. It’s up to date, modern, and completely outstanding.

Gaming has changed through the years, but nothing has come close to the jump that this machine makes for those that are seeking a good entertainment option. It’s for that reason that you should definitely seek this out and invest in getting one for the family. Not only does it have all the aspects of gaming that you would want from the previous incarnations, it has it in such a multimedia focused package. There is no other front runner at the present that is getting so much attention as this hot commodity. Take advantage of the hardware, software, and so much more that is coming alongside this release and you will definitely have a ball.

Are you looking for more information regarding Xbox One? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding Xbox One? Visit today!


What Kind of Tablet PC We Need

Lenovo Group today announced the world’s first multi-mode YOGA tablet , which changes the shape of traditional reels and selling the world’s thinnest let consumers themselves. Of course, the appearance alone is not enough , at the moment continues to introduce new tablet computer , in order to win the consumer needs to tablet form and function in the product must have ” attractions .”

Highly valued consumer tablet PC form factor , which is characterized by a different brand of competition nowadays tablet decision. For example, occupies the largest market share of Android tablets , different manufacturers use the same operating system , software, content resources that can be used are roughly coincident , and most of the Tablet PC features the same system for smart phones similar, the shape of the product innovations related to the flat What kind of computer can bring consumers experience . Tablet PC in order to become the hands of consumers in addition to mobile phones , PC ‘s third block of the screen , you must first fit the psychological expectations of consumers in appearance, product design and thus has considerable significance for the Tablet PC.

On the shape , the light is undoubtedly the key words. From the screen size smaller, more narrow border to the computer , the basic requirements of portable consumer tablet . However, based on components of electronic products, operating systems , and technical barriers serious homogenization low today, but light is difficult to become an essential element of winning with a decisive factor , which is a unique and innovative product design proposed higher requirements. Meanwhile, with the development of highly integrated electronic products , tablet PCs and notebook computers and mobile phones are cross-border , which is an energy pocketed the eye design. As consumers have more and more electronic products and wireless technology makes it possible to interconnect different devices , interactive consumer demand for multi-screen tablet computer with a PC, mobile phone , TV, etc. will become more .

In terms of functionality , since the Tablet PC launch, personal entertainment is the main application requirements. Today, consumers are increasingly demanding entertainment applications , the demand for tablet PCs are becoming diversified entertainment features . For example, the common people can use the Tablet PC has been listed, along with family members can interactive entertainment . Meanwhile, the tablet PC should also extend business functions , improve product reliability , battery life and a rich business class software features , in order to open up more markets in the business field .

In fact , some schools now been used in teaching the Tablet PC , but also achieved good results. With cloud platforms and information technology learning, course content will be lively show to the learner , the Tablet PC can become an auxiliary tool for education. The Tablet PC manufacturers are required to meet the needs of different groups of consumers in product design and content integration of resources, both attach importance to the mass market , but also to identify opportunities in market segments .

Shenzhen PF Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, is a leading supplier of high-tech communication products in China. Inspired by “Drive your life with innovation” it is specializing in research & development, manufacture and sales of MID (tablet PC), Mobile Phone, TV Box, Mobile office appliances & Communication accessories.

I am a professional editor from Touchpad Tablet PC, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. It’s contains a great deal of information about 7 Touchpad Tablet PC,7.85 Inch Tablet welcome to visit our website.

I am a professional editor from Touchpad Tablet PC, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. It’s contains a great deal of information about 7 Touchpad Tablet PC,7.85 Inch Tablet welcome to visit our website.


Reject ” Streaking” , Four Trick for the Wireless Router “Encryption”

These days , some people rub eat and drink as well as people rub rub network . Home broadband to “snail” pace, sometimes really is not broadband is not to force , but by ” rub network ” was. Router does not have a password, like “streaking .” Personal information home computers have been ” peeping ” as well. Has leaked dangerous chats, personal photos , account passwords. Wireless router is a wireless home network core , in order to ensure safety, security decisively select “Encryption ” mode. As for the ” encryption ” method , the router “up to” teach you a few trick.

The first one

Turn off SSID broadcasting, manually enter

SSID is the wireless network name of the wireless network when set , will give its own network from a friendly SSID. Open a list of Wi-Fi signal option , you can see two wireless router signal called NETGEAR71 and dlink.

When turned off SSID broadcast , you can log into the router ‘s management interface, the “Enable SSID Broadcast” to remove the hook , and then the application can be.

Thus, if someone think rub network , you will not search the wireless signal .

Next, novices problem came. Not search the wireless signal , and how do you need to connect yourself?

There is another way to search , in the computer’s Control Panel, select ” Network and Sharing Center Information” , find the ” Set up a new connection or network “, click “Manually connect to a wireless network .” Then , re- enter the wireless network ‘s SSID, password , and ” even if the network is not broadcasting connection” tick check box , click Next the system will automatically scan signals to the network.

In this way, every time you need to connect to a wireless network , manually enter , select the relevant connection options. More cumbersome method of operation .

The second measure

Disable WEP encryption

Many people use a router , use a WEP password. In this case, those who rub network easily through the tool easy to crack , high signal intensity , one minute or so you can crack the code .

We can use WPA2 encryption, security will be higher.

The third measure

Enable MAC filtering

Now smart phones and tablet computers have a wireless card, each card has a MAC address , similar to our ID number is unique. We can put your own home and router MAC address binding wireless devices to allow only specified wireless card to access their own network , thus adding a limit to their wireless network.

In the router setup screen, enter Advanced Settings – Wireless Settings – Wireless LAN Access List ( what we call the MAC address filtering ) , click Add , it will automatically display connected to the router ‘s MAC address , select its own MAC address .

This put the device ‘s MAC address added to it his own , and click on the application you can enter into force.

The fourth recruit

Reducing the power of the router

The greater the power of wireless router , signal coverage , the greater the intensity , the probability of ” rub network” will be. If appropriate to reduce the transmission power of the wireless signal , others not receiving a signal , or the signal is weak , you can not rub the net.

The method is simple , select “Advanced ” option , you can select , modify, transmit power of the router in the router’s configuration interface .

TL-WR841N supports IP bandwidth control function, you can assign each computer’s Internet needs of different users of Internet bandwidth, to prevent individual users to use BT, Thunder and other software take up too much bandwidth is affecting other users normal network use. In terms of security, TL-WR841N provides 64/128/152 bit WEP encryption, and support WPA / WPA-PSK, WPA2/WPA2-PSK other security mechanisms, allowing users to enjoy the security of wireless networks.

I am a professional editor from Wifi Dual Band Router , and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. It’s contains a great deal of information about Wifi N Router ,300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router welcome to visit our website.

I am a professional editor from Wifi Dual Band Router , and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. It’s contains a great deal of information about Wifi N Router ,300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router welcome to visit our website.


F-20 Aircraft May Multi- Conductor Combat UAVs

Yesterday afternoon, the domestic super-camp military forum, there has been domestic stealth unmanned attack aircraft “sword” prototype first flew pictures quickly on the Internet caused a large area of ​​the “crowd” and forwarding. Military expert Li Li said in an interview, said that China’s future needs can be mounted on the aircraft carrier stealth drone attack aircraft, or with the F-20 form an effective match.

According to eyewitnesses, yesterday at noon, 1 pm, this widely watched star UAV flight test center in the Southwest a successful maiden flight, which lasted nearly 20 minutes. Global Times reported that China-made “sword” unmanned attack aircraft successfully completed its first flight, marking China has joined stealth unmanned attack aircraft developed the first echelon. Means that China became the United States (X-47B), France ( ” neurons ” ), the United Kingdom ( “Thor” ), the world’s first four complete large flying wing stealth unmanned attack aircraft first flight of the country.

The most talked about China’s future and what kind of stealth unmanned attack aircraft, the Li Li said that if we can finish the next long-range target depth to the enemy assault combat aircraft, stealth UAV should be large, weighs six tons to reach ten tons, which is a large UAVs, because only such a large amount of head and body, in order to mount the weapon on top, otherwise it is empty talk.

In addition, there are stealth performance, if not invisible, how can you go penetration task? Although the UAV lower cost than was confidential, but if you finish the task, with no is the same, therefore, to solve the stealth materials, aerodynamic shape and other issues, this is still an integrated project.

In addition to a large head and stealth , but also must have a relatively large weapon carrying capacity, which after a few possess in order to truly define the future we need UAVs.

Li Li said that there is little future stealth unmanned attack aircraft, whether it could be like the U.S. X-47B, as in aircraft carrier takeoff. Only mounted on the aircraft carrier, “legs” to stretch longer, to fly away. If you can, and manned fighters, such as the F-20 to form an effective mix directed by the F-20 fighter jets to attack multiple UAVs, it ‘s combat capability can really shone forth.

Yesterday afternoon, the domestic super- camp military forum, there has been domestic stealth unmanned attack aircraft “sword” prototype first flew pictures quickly on the Internet caused a large area of ​​the “crowd” and forwarding. Meng Xiangqing military expert, said in an interview, “sword” maiden flight of the message needs to be approved officially confirmed, these unmanned stealth attack aircraft’s role is to be the first time, the depth of the enemy targets and high-value targets, particularly there is a strong air defense capability of the target penetration missions.

Network news, the day 13 am, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute Design, Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation manufactured domestically “sword” unmanned attack aircraft, a flight test center in the Southwest successfully completed its first flight, which lasted nearly 20 minutes .

“Global Times” reported that “sword” means that China has achieved its first flight from the UAV unmanned combat aircraft to cross. Air power in the world are developing their own unmanned combat aircraft, including the U.S. X-47B, the French -led “Neuron”, Britain’s “Thor” already completed its first flight and tested. “Sword” to make China become the world’s first flight test of large fourth unmanned stealth attack aircraft in the country.

“Sword” maiden flight of the message needs to be approved officially confirmed

Spoke of “sword” flight of the news is true, the Meng Xiangqing said that the news on the Internet has been overwhelming, and this year in May, the online news that the “sword” taxiing tests carried out on the runway, but also did not take off, then online on speculation, not far from the maiden flight of the time.

Meng Xiangqing say, on the “sword” first flight news, now there are many online pictures, but this news has not been officially confirmed yet, we still want to Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed last prevail.

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I am a professional editor from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle , and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. contains a great deal of information about Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Helicopter welcome to visit our website.